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[Solved] Exporting .FBX smooth surface geometry

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Hi all :)


I have a question about exporting geometry using .fbx - Basically I want to export certain model that has been created in Houdini and render it in Keyshot, while in Houdini the model looks smoothed as shown in the pic attached sc_from_houdini.png but when i import it in Keyshot it comes totally black opaque and unable to receive new materials. I can overcome this situation by entering dummy (zero) changes to the geometry in Keyshot, which renders it able to receive materials and be rendered properly.

Now, the problem I find is that once this first issue is fixed, the result of the render is showing the raw polygons and not a smooth surface as it appeared in the Houdini renders, as we can see on sc_from_keyshot.png attached.


Anyone have idea what this happens? Perhaps I am missing some step before exporting the geometry, or exporting it wrongly?


Sorry is not the same exact camera, but is the exact same geometry, I also attach here the houdini .fbx exported file )


Thanks in advance )





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You may want to try adding a Normals node to the end of your geometry before you export to FBX. When I examine your s.fbx file the geometry has no normals, only points. This is probably why Keyshot is rendering black. Keyshot may be adding temporary normals once you edit it.


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Touche my friend.


Not only adding normals solves the problem with the black, non-material-assigning geometry, but also fixes the "pixelated" look of the geometry indeed what Keyshot looks like was doing is tracing vertex from point to point somehow, attached newly render example below.


Thanks a lot @Atom !!



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