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Flip Sim and Flat Tank don't collide with each other

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Hi everybody,

I'm making a water explosion, I already have the water column, the splashes, but I want to this collide with an Ocean Flat Tank. Like that, I'll insert this flat tank in a Large Ocean with a displaced grid. 
But the problem is, my emitted water for my column doesn't collide with my tank. I saw that to make fluid collide, we need one FlipSolver, but two Source Volume. But in this case, with a flat tank, displaced by wave, how can I achieve this ?

Anyone has an answers ?

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Alright, I've got a part of the solution. 
I saw this topic 

And I tried rbowden's solution. It works, but, I can't emit particle from my geo with this technique. And my splash's a geo that emit particle from a limited time.

I'm still searching but help is welcome !

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I am a little confused. To make sure I have this right, you already did a water explosion and now you want to take that result and have that collide with another tank? Or did you make the water explosion in just a popnet (non flip)? Basically are you creating something like this?


Or are you trying to emit flip particles from an actual mesh?

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