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Noise Control using Colour

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I am trying to control the frequency of noise using a colour attribute. I have managed to do this on a grid but I cant figure out how to do the same using a volumevop. 
My goal is to be able to control the amount of detail/scale in specific areas of the model. 
Im not sure if this is the right way do to this but the example image shows that effect I'm trying to achieve.


Noise control.hipnc

Grid noise.png

Grid Vopsop.png

Volume noise.png



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Do all your velocity settings on scattered points on the inside of a volume. At the very end of all your manipulation lay down a attribwrangle and make the attribute you created = vel. Then create a volume using volume sop (Can be the same one you created your points with). call it vel and make it a vector attribute. Lay down an volume from attribute node and set the attribute to vel. lay down a volume trail sop and view it and set the velocity volume to vel.*  That should work. However, this method you aren't going to get a nice falloff. From the picture you will need to create a nice falloff. So be sure your points have nice falloffs to their turbulence adjustments. I'm not sure how to make the falloff adjustments with different frequences. 

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