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HQueue config on Windows SP1

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Hello everyone.

I'm really sorry that I want to ask some questions here. Because I have no time and I'm really anxious.

 So I really need  help  .Sincerely thanks .

Below  are  my problems:

my hqueue client can't render . error: can't find the output file on job '2'

I have disabled the firewall.
I have changed the shared directory to be identical on both machines.
I have configured the Hqueue client and server to login under each machines user/pass
I have changed the HqueueServer path on both machines to:
hqserver.sharedNetwork.path.windows = \\RENDR2\HoudiniShared

I am getting near the point of giving up as I really don't know what else to try as I have followed the instructions provided by SideFX.

 my sever computer can see the client computer ,but only the local client computer can work well,other clients can not find the output file and failed.

can you assist me ? thanks again.

my config like this:





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