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Replace shader's diffuse colour with point's @Cd attribute in Octane

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I almost never rendered with Houdini but thought of giving it a try...

Essentially I created an Octane material and applied it to my geometry but I want the diffuse colour of the shader to be the colour of my points geometry (and not the colour selected in the shader node).

Im assuming it's a pretty basic thing but couldnt find a way to do it (played with material override etc.) ... maybe Mantra gets it automatically (seems a sensible thing) but not Octane.

In layman's terms I coloured a series of geometries using some gradients and random values (my points have @Cd attributes). Then I created a standard Glossy Octane material. I want my objects to have the properties of the Octane shader (reflection, roughness, opacity, ...) but use the @Cd attributes in the geometry to drive the diffuse colour.




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Did you check this video from Rohan, it might be what you're looking for.


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That's a great tutorial... I also saw the other one by Rohan (see below).

THAT'S A REALLY ABSURD WAY TO PASS COLOUR... can't believe it Octane didnt think of something more flexible and logical..... :angry:




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