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Pluralsight offers 3 new courses: Intermediate Oceans, VFX for Games, and Math Tips

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Pluralsight is proud to offer three new courses... one covering intermediate level ocean shot development, a second covering the development of visual effects for Unreal Engine, and another covering the fundamental math concepts that are pivotal to working within Houdini. Below is a bit about each course and a link where you can check out the course overviews.

Houdini: Intermediate Ocean FX by Andreas Giesen
Link: www.pluralsight.com/courses/houdini-intermediate-ocean-fx

In this course, you'll learn how to setup a procedural ocean and do a flip fluid simulation for a traveling boat in choppy waters. First, you'll discover how to use the ocean spectrum to create an infinite ocean. Next, you'll add the boat, do a flip simulation for a specific area with high detail, and add whitewater and mist. Finally, you'll extend the simulated area and set-up the shaders to render all the layers. When you're finished with this Houdini 16 course, you'll not only have an ocean rendered with a high detail fluid simulation, but you'll also have a workflow on how to master your own ocean and fluid challenges in the future. (Software required: Houdini 16.)

Houdini VFX for Games by Andreas Glad
Link: www.pluralsight.com/courses/houdini-vfx-games

Have you ever sat down in Unreal Engine to create an effect, and not had a clue where to start? In this course, you'll start from the very beginning by creating the textures for your sprites. Next, you'll create debris in a way that allows you to use it repeatedly and uniquely. Finally, you'll add all the extras to really sell the effect, like decals, camera shake, and a shockwave. When you are finished with this course, not only will you have gained a deeper understanding of timing and the importance of telling a story with the effect, but you'll have planted the seed for future endeavors into proceduralism. (Software required: Houdini 15 and up, Photoshop and Unreal Engine 4.)

Practical Houdini Math Tips by Beau Garcia
Link: www.pluralsight.com/courses/houdini-practical-math-tips

In this course, you will learn the math that drives Houdini effects production. First, you'll learn about Sines and Cosines. Next, you will explore the concept of Vectors. Finally, you'll finish the course learning about Matrices, Quaternions, Dot Products, and Cross Products. When you're finished with this Houdini course, you'll have a solid foundation in the math skills needed to produce high end visual effects. (Software required: Houdini 15 and up.)

Thanks, and as always, I'd love to hear your feedback on these courses so we can continue to improve!

Learn more about SideFX and Pluralsight: www.pluralsight.com/sidefx




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They look great.

By the way, do you know if Houdini 16 fundamentals is expected soon?

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The Houdini 16 Fundamentals course is in production as I type! I am balancing recording it and managing the other Houdini courses on Pluralsight right now, but my estimate is that it will be available in the next month or so. Just so you know it's shaping up to be about 8 hrs. of training that starts with the very basics (GUI, navigation, basic concepts), but by the end covers an in-depth look at procedural modeling, rendering, and dynamics. I'll post it here the day it's ready to go. I also think we are going to do a special promo around Siggraph time where we might offer it for free for a bit! Stay tuned to odforce and pluralsight.com/sidefx for more news on that.


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