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POP Grains and RBDs mutual interaction

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Hi, first time posting here. 

I have a "Sandbox" scene where I need the grains and Packed Rbds to mutually effect each other. So initially I thought that having both the grain setup and the rigids merged with collide relationship set to "mutual". The Packed Rbds effect the grains but the Rbds just sink to the floor of the sandbox. I have tried a bunch of workarounds but no success. I tried old-school non packed rbds with bullet an/or rbd solver. So I'm open to ideas on what to try next. Ideally I want to have the Rbds sit on and inside the sand and flow as they get pushed around by a larger collision object.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Sadly I don't think you can do feedback with grains on bullet, I researched this myself a while back for a cloth feedback type effect using grain sheets, but I didn't get anywhere with it.

That being said, you might be able to set something up using two different DOPs and doing a per time step "manual" interaction between the two sims - basically use the output on one sim as input for the other and that output as input for the first, and so on - though that can quickly become crazy computationally expensive. Either way, I used a very simplified version of this idea in this setup: 


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