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Pyro flames advection to geometry

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I'm trying to match this flame look for pyro. I have 3 major challenges:

- the flames are not sticking to the geometry and travelling along it while keeping the shape (more or less)

- the base colour of the flames (close to the emission point) is white at the base and I would like to get the white in the 'middle' of the flame as in the reference.

- I cannot have a very specific emission source for fuel because that gets very visible and overexposed (white) while the flames are faded to lower luminance values (orange, red).


Playing with the emission sources doesn't bring me close enough and it is very difficult for the flames to clump together (or go towards each other) while keeping their individual shapes (at least for 3-4 frames). Also it is impossible for me to make them crawl and warp around the burning object. It seems that i miss a attraction force that keeps them to the surface and control their shape. Playing with velocity fields makes them only going away from the object and loose the shape very easily. 

It seems that I'm missing something. Any advice to were to look would be very much appreciated.

UPDATE. A second media file was added for better understanding of the issues.

Thank you!





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Update. A second media reference added.

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fire by nature is very wispy and chaotic. it dissipates fast and what sort of control are you looking for? Are you expecting to keep the base of the flame attached to the object? Fire naturally emits from its source and dissipates within seconds.A new one is being constantly being emitted and dissipated. all types of flames are different. what type of flame are you going for? a camp fire, a candle, etc . Each one behaves differently but have similar properties.

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