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Hi, everyone.

I'm new to Houdini.

The question that I bring to you is not mine. I found it in the comments in a tutorial about Houdini volumes and would want to know the answer also.

The question is: Is there a way to animate character made of volume and keep its volume noise parameter in a right place?

As far as I know the volume noise is based on position, so animating it we are moving character, but noise is stable in its position. We could scatter points inside a volume in the base position and write it down using the attribute, then we could create volume out of particles and use our noise attribute to be read out of points. Is it possible, or I'm just making an unnecessary noise ;-)

Best Regards,


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I think you if you want anything to stick to your character animation, then one possible idea is to stick them to UV coordinates of the character (so in the noise generator, you would use UV instead of pos), but I am not sure how this scales to volumes? I think you need to know also how you would animate your object, i.e. if it's pure transformation, then there is no problem at all because noise will be described in object space (i.e. before the transformation)...

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