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New GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist: Ehsan Parizi

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Hello everyone!

Our new GridMarketsFeatured Houdini Artist is Ehsan Parizi. Learn why he dedicates time to personal projects and discover his colourful Houdini growth patterns! 

We hope you enjoy the new feature!

Have a great week,

Patricia and the GridMarkets Team



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This is what your website looks like to me. Many people run NoScript for basic web protection.

When I see a website like this I am reluctant to enable, even if it might hold content I would like to experience.

With worldwide attacks from the web most people are not going to trust any site.

It might be worth presenting this information to your web designers to see if they can ease up on the client side scripting and at least get you a front page. Maybe see if Wix can help you out with this?



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