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points stick to colour of animated texture

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Hello everyone!
I am creating a pool of lava and am struggling with creating displacement for it. The problem is the remeshing every frame.

How can you make points which are generated at the first frame follow the colour they have been given? My idea is once I have figured this out, to use those points for the position of the displacement.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


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Disable your attribute blur as it is really slow. Just turn up the blend width in your attribute transfer. 

Secondly why can't you just attribute transfer the color a second time onto the points after the first transfer?

Also I am not understanding why you need points just to displace geometry anyway. Just add displacement at render time or in a attribvop. 

Flip comes with a rest attribute that you can enable. You can use this I think in a texture displacement map. Not sure never had to use it. 

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