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Viewport Changed Python

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I've written a little python expression to scale geo dependent on through which camera is being viewed. It works but does not recognise when the viewport has changed - is there an event trigger I can use to get it to recognise this change?


import hou

desktop = hou.ui.curDesktop()
scene_viewer = desktop.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer)
viewport = scene_viewer.curViewport()

camera = hou.GeometryViewport.camera(viewport)

if 'preview' in str(camera):
    return 0.01
    print 'preview cam'
    return 1

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If you look at a recent post I made here, Alex Rusev gave me an excellent solution for getting an event trigger when a new node is selected. I strongly suspect you could use the same mechanism for finding out when the viewport changes. Essentially you just add a new eventLoopCallback() that compares the current viewport to a previously-stored viewport, and if they are different then do a thing (in my case, I needed to emit a Qt signal, in your case, scale geo). Not sure what your level of python is, but if you need help writing it I'll probably have some time to figure it out with you a little later today :)

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thanks - it's way overkill for what I need but it's good to know it's do-able

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