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Particles Clumping

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I've been practicing particles using Rohan Dalvi's Tutorial:Rohan Dalvi's tutorial
Everything has been working great so far except for one major thing.
If i compare my renders to Rohan's, my particles seem to clump together and generally have a larger scale.
The left picture show's my particle render and the right shows Rohan's 
One issue i've considered to be the cause of this is that Rohan is using VOPSOP from 13
I'm using 16 and point wrangles, so maybe something is going on with the scale in there.
I still only have a couple months of experience so any help would be great. 





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dunno if I'm on the right track but on your Sphere, Render tab>Geo tab, I simply changed Point Scale to 0.1....give that a go...

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Awesome man, I initially thought i could change the size by opening display options>geometry>point size.

This has solved the issue thanks alot!

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