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Particle XYZ map to RGB for Realtime Playback

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Hi Guys! So the other day I watched this video and trying to apply this method to my current project.

I understand the basic principle behind this method, but when I try to do this on my own, I found several difficulties.


1. First thing is that how to pipe P attribute into vopcop 2 generator, I might have figured out, which is by dive into vopcop2 gen node -> tab -> Import Point Attribute -> select pre cached file

2. If we successfully import the P attribute, how to assign the color value( converted from P) on to the right pixel, Ex: point number 0 [X Y Z] convert to pixel number 0 [R G B]

yup these are probably all I found and tried for now, I really really need to figure this stuff out. Looking forward to you guys' suggestions!!!

Particle SIM2.hip

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