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Vertex Animation Tool giving mantra error

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With the recent 16.0.6 update, Houdini added games shelf tools.
one of these tools is vertex animation.
I've been trying to integrate my particle system into Unreal Engine 4 for the past 2 days.

When I try to render the vertex animation subnetwork gives this error: 
Error rendering child: /out/vertex_animation_textures/mantra11 

Diving into the subnetwork there's two nodes that give errors


the first node gives this error: 
Zero resolution for camera '/out/vertex_animation_textures/sprite_obj/cam1' 

and the second node gives this error: 
Error rendering input: /out/vertex_animation_textures/mantra11 

From what I've read from another odforce forum post the problem seems to be that the HDA for vertex animations textures need to be used correctly.
Quote from Gramx's post: "

Hi Luiz,

I have been looking at the hip files and it seems that you have a newer version of the Vertex Animation Textures Asset. I get an error saying incomplete asset definition. Are you able to send over the latest asset or will it be available in the next Daily Houdini build. I am running 16.0.542



Gramx's post

Shouldn't the tool just work on it's own? Or am I doing something wrong?

Any help into the right direction would really be appreciated, maybe even an example of the particle working in Unreal.




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Hi Callan,

Are you using the apprentice version of Houdini? Because unfortunately the vertex animation export tools don't work with apprentice because you can't export fbx and images are watermarked.


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Im definitely not working in apprentice and getting the same error , did anyone solve this issue , using the last version of the Games Dev Toolset on Github



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Those mantra nodes should be composite networks. That is an awfully strange change.

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