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Is the anyone who uses Houdini Engine with 3Ds Max?
I tried to use it with Houdini 16.0.557 and 3Ds Max 16 SP3 and SP4, but there was an error message "HoudiniEngineFor3dsMax2016.dlo> failed to initialize." Error code 127 - The specified procedure could not be found ".
I reinstalled Houdini few times, checked PATH environment variable - there was no results.
After there I installed Houdini 15.0 and Houdini 15.5 - and error disappeared (and in Plug-in Manager appeared HoudiniEngineFor3dsMax2016), but when I tried to create HoudiniEngine Mesh Plugin 3ds Max just crashes.
Could you help me please?

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Unfortunately I think at this point you need to recompile the source code for it to get it to work. The last time it was compiled with the binaries provided was for a version of Houdini you can't access anymore on an older version of Max. For people who have a computer sci degree this should be pretty simple, for those with art degrees it's a bit more of a pain. If you are working with peers pin down a co-worker that can help you recompile for your version.

Inform SESI that you would like them to support the max plugin internally if this would be a common workflow for you, so they can allocate resources if enough people ask.

Best of Luck.

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Thank you, LaidlawFX! 
I'l try to find someone to recompile it)

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