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Clarification on slice FLIP sims (non tank setup)

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Is it possible to setup a distributed sim of a river that is coming down some kind of slope? Every example I can find takes some kind of already filled tank and goes from there. 

In the help there's even a note saying "this option is not needed for flowing rivers" (which might be refering specifically to the distributing pressure setup, but I'm not sure), but why is that?  From my limited testing with the tank-like setup distributing the sim seems to speed it up considerably






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I send e-mail to SideFX and had a chat with one of the employees there. The answer is the following 

1. Yes, it is. You just need to use the plane slice instead of the along the lines in a perpendicular position to the flow

2. The option refers specifically to distributing pressure, that is, you can turn that off since the flow itself will "wash" the errors from the boundaries

3. Distributing FLIPs has a worse than linear effect in performance. So, it's likely to speed it up, but not by that much



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They are correct. For all fluid simulations you will be using flip fluids that will be contained inside of containers. If you use the slice distribution under the particle fluids you will not be rendering and simulating everything at once but distributed among each of the slices independent of each other. This is primarily used for farm simulations so each computer can do a portion of the sim independent of each other. They are then combined for the end result. If you have the option to distribute the sim among multiple computers, go for it.

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