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manipulating 'strength' in 'glue adjacent pieces'

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I'm trying to add some variance to the 'strength' attribute of 'glue adjacent pieces'.   I tried using 'glue clusters, but I can't seem to get them to reliably affect the 'glue adjacent pieces' strength attribute- the nodes have changed in recent versions of Houdini and set ups from earlier versions don't really translate.  
Another method I would like to try is using an 'attribute from map' node to apply color from a bitmap, which would be used to multiply the strength attribute in 'glue adjacent pieces', but I'm having trouble setting that up as well.  One question for either method is, is the 'glue adjacent pieces' strength attribute global, affecting each glue primitive the same way, or can it be manipulated to affect different glue primitives differently?
I'm new at Houdini and would appreciate any info or a push in the right direction.

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Strength is a float primitive attribute that you want to put on your glue network primitives (I presume glue adjacent pieces is just connect adjacent pieces renamed?). You could modulate it using any of the ways you can normally change values, colour, height, etc. You could primitive vop some noise into an attribute (Cd, so you can see it easily) and use that to multiply a strength value. Whatever value you put on your primitives in sops is multiplied by the value on the glue constraint relationship node in dops. Say you had some noise you could put the following in a primitive wrangle to multiply your strength by the red Cd channel

f@strength = 1.0 * @Cd.r;

Just check the geometry spreadsheet to see what values the noise is putting out, as you won't want negative values. Well, you might, but just know what you're multiplying with. Different noises have different ranges. If f@strength is set to -1 it is unbreakable.


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Thanks for the tips, adrianr, that gives me something to chew on!

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