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How to get nice ship's bow water cutting !

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Hi !

sometimes i create effects of ships going though ocean. and it's always a problem for me to get nice water-cutting effect that occurs along the ship front.

I get more or less suitable result but i can not say that i'm satisfied with overall look....

the most obvious thing for me in this case is to add some custom velocities to the flip particles near ship's surface.

I just get ship's normals and modify them a bit (see the attached picture), and transfer them as a velocity to flip particles using SOP solver



This works, but it still looks unnatural...


Maybe some of you may share their ideas how to set up simulation that could bring nice water breaking effect.


Thanks in advance !

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I usualy set a low grid scale when simulation those kinds of effects. Something like 1.7 gives me a nice result. Also I use splashy kernel with a very low velocity smoothing. 

You're approach looks really good! 

I'd do a cross product of the ships normals and pipe that into a vel field.

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