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RBD's slowly sinking into yoghurt Flip Sim

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Hey everyone.

Hope you guys are well.

I need some help with a shot I am working on. Basic idea is i need to have bits of strawberry to fall into swirling yoghurt,hit the surface,swirl around and slowly get pulled under the surface. I've got the swirling yoghurt working but when I drop my RBDs into the container they plow right through the flip sim. I've tried tinkering with the Feedback scale,Density and so on but nothing works for me. :wacko: 

If anyone of you Wizards:D can have a look and shed some light on what I am doing wrong it would be greatly appreciated 

I have a scene attached Swirl_03.hip and my swirl force source geo FOR_OD.rar

Thanks again

Cheers Dimitri


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Use two DOPs, one for thew FLIP and one for the Bullet, and create the interaction manually. Check my bullet to FLIP setup here for some ideas on how to set something like that up. :)


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Feedback scale is a tricky parameter to get right. You change one thing with the object you are trying to float (density, scale, etc.) it is going to screw that number up. Alot of times you can get away with a value of 1-5 but, I have had to do it in a scale of 100 before. I couldn't get it working in the file you posted for some reason and if I can't get it working in the first ten minutes, I just remake the scene. That is exactly what I did and feedback scale is working like it should. I will leave it up to you to figure out the sinking part...Off the top of my head though, I would probably time a velocity field that pushes down at a certain time and randomize it per packed object you have.

Attached is a working feedback scale file.


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Hey Guys 

Thanks alot for the replies. Its greatly appreciated

Ryan thanks for the scene, I think my scene has something funky going on. I like the the idea of a velocity field pulling them under. 

Gonna give this a go see what happens. Thanks again guys

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