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export flip fluid for maya renderman

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Hi guys,

trying to find a solution to render houdini flip sim in Maya Renderman, i exported a rib sequence from H, but not sure that i exported all the attributes (something to promote?)

the rendering department here, doesn’t see the v att and Cd att in my rib sequence. my maya knowledge is close to nothing and i can' t check what s wrong with my export

my first question is : could you explain me, guys, how to export from Houdini, a ready to render Rib sequence for mayaRenderman v21?

second question is : is there tricks to read H attributes in maya?, connect it to shaders?, and also get correct velocity motion blur(since it's changing topology classic moblur doesn't work)

thx by advance for your attention

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Hi, I know this is an old thread but seems there's no solution to this issue. I can successfully use vertex attributes using PXR_primvar nodes but I still can't make motion blur work. Pixar doesn't provide any information about this specific issue and no information exist on the internet regarding this. Any idea? 

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