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I would like to know how you could control how your voronoi or fem will break. I used to watch videos by Sangiemenla, he explained how to use the "add" node to control where your solid would be fractured. But now I can't find his channel any more and I can't remember!

I would also like to know if there is a similar way for FEM network, to set where the solid object will break.

Thank you!


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It's OK, I found out! You just have to put another solid inside a scatter node, so this solid will define how your initial object will fracture.

Since I opened this thread, I have two more questions about the same topic. First, like on the video I uploaded, the collision object can flicker then the fracture gets weird. Is there a solution to this?

Second, I did not manage to use the RBD glue object right. The voronoi objects just breaks itself, whatever I do. Can I do something about this?

Thank you again!



colli bug.mov

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