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H16 missing checkerboard

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Never used it before but I thought there is a checkerboard shader in H16 (before?).

So do I forgot something?

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In addition, you can also plug these SideFX provided pictures below in any image file parameter. They live here: $HFS/houdini/pic/





In addition from the material browser there is a showUV, only available in H16 in the material context not the shop context. In H15 the equivalent was called UV Map, or Show UV, which appear to be the same. So they probably just ditched the one named UV Map.

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You can use the Checkered node (Patterns > Checkered) in combination with a Color Mix (Combine > Color Mix) and plug the result into the diffuse color input of any shader.


To get the tiling right, you can either adjust the Frequency parameter of Checkered node or edit your UV-Coords via e.g a UV Transform node or beforehand:


Frequency: 1,1 | Frequency: 2,2 | Frequency: 4,4

Note: The IOR value of the Principled Shader is set to 1 in order to avoid extra reflections on the floor.

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