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Handling Large Volumes

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I have a box converted to a volume. Using a volume vop and noise I made some clouds. Here is the problem, I want a lot of clouds. So i go to my original box and scale it up. Since i scaled my box now i need to increase resolution. However, I cant increase the resolution high enough to get the clouds looking good when they are near the camera. I would need a ridiculously high amount of voxels to do that. Even 58 million voxels isn't high enough. Here is what I dont understand, I can do a similar thing in Maya. I can make non-dynamic texture based clouds. Here is what I like about Maya: When doing texture based clouds, I can use low resolution (small amount of voxels) but still get high quality clouds because the opacity of the volume is being textured by a high quality noise pattern. Look at the 2 viewport photos. Both the high resolution and low resolution (bottom two photos) produce basically the same render (top photo). How can I do some thing like that in houdini? In houdini, it seems like the resolution of the noise is dependent on the voxel resolution, where as in maya I can have low voxel resolution, but high quality noise and get good render. Any thoughts?






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