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Adding FEM to animated character?

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I found some threads asking similar questions but in Houdini 15.. things seem to be different enough in 16, that a noob like me can't figure out how to carry that info over to 16. 

I have an animated .FBX model from Mixamo. It's a dancing male character. In short, i want him to dance as he does but for his neck and head to be finite elements (soft body, rubber like). 

So as he dances around, his head is just flopping around everywhere. 

Seems simple enough.. would anyone be kind enough to assist me? 

Thank you! 


I'm including the project file even though it's literally just the dancing model: Dance.hip

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Just thinking aloud but I'm guessing you want to convert the head/neck to a FEM solid object and use pintoanimation to constrain the bottom of it to the original animation (Definitely threads on that around here if you search, and done in H16). So the bottom is locked to your dancing but the rest of the neck up from that is free to wobble around. Then do a point deform from your FEM mesh to the original head at the end.

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last char (pink/red) on this short sequence i did used the same trick... fem setup - i used the target constraint node in the sim to make the character move as normal but keep the arms and upper body floppy.  Do a search on here for target constraint as i was on another thread discussing it and got some great help on it.



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