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Pyrofx smoke render issue

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Hey all,

After following the billowy smoke tutorial I gave it a render but I'm having issues with the results. It doesn't look much like what I'm seeing in the viewport  or what I've seen in other renders. It looks grainy, especially on the edges where it's less dense.

I've attached a viewport screen grab, the render and .hip file.

I'd really appreciate any help I can get with this one. 




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3 minutes ago, vtrvtr said:

Sorry if it comes out condescending, but, have you tried Google? Not only there are several tutorials to explain how to render volumes, but also the very help page on the documentation http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/render/volumes

Thanks vtrvtr. I actually had similar issues with rendering particles, or so I thought, and couldn't find any answers for that issue after sifting through google but this seems to be a different issue. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I will read the docs and give it a go soon.

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32 minutes ago, lukeiamyourfather said:

Increase the stochastic samples.

Yep. It's looking much better now.

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