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Add wires dynamically to wire simulation

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Hey guys,

Im playing with the Wire solver and I managed to get a series of wires from one plane to another to dangle (mostly using the shelf tools). What I would like to do is to start with just a couple of wires and over time increase the number.

As you can see in my scene file the number of wires is determined by the scatter nodes... but if I animate the points count there the simulation breaks.


Any idea ?



Screenshot 2017-08-02 18.22.56.png


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i think this would need to be setup in a sop solver in dops but sadly no idea how sorry :/

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I think the entagma guys did something similar, though wires with grains.

Maybe have a watch, enjoy looking at code, else yeah, a sop solver with your wire solver would do the trick :P
You hook your wire object into a the first input of a multisolver, and your wire solver into the second input, then you put a dop solver also into the second input.

The dop solver will read in the geometry you are handling, and you can at that point create the extra wires just as you would in sop context.
Give it a try, see how It goes :) 



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did you ever get a solution to this?  I have a similar question.

that said in response to your first question I think a very simple option would be to just delete the connections you don't want, over time.  I am finding this is often much more simple and  efficient than figuring out how to create geo on the fly.


unfortunately I don't think this approach would work with my setup as I am relying created geometry is dynamically interacting with itself.

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