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HDA to send to Hqueue only works if I 'allow editing of contents' ?

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Hello, we built an asset to cache and version our sims/caches

I extended it to be able to use the renderfarm to sim things out. To do this I added a ROP in the asset, with the HQueue simulation node. I then use the topmost interface/parameters to 'click' on the 'Submit Job' button on that HQueue Simulation node down below.

However, unless I do a 'allow editing of contents' on my HDA, it fails on the farm with the following code:


ImportError: No module named sgtk

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/our-hou-path/scripts/hqueue/hq_run_sim_without_slices.py", line 4, in <module>
  File "/our-hou-path/linux/houdini/scripts/hqueue/hqlib.py", line 1862, in callFunctionWithHQParms
    return function(**kwargs)
  File "/our-hou-path/linux/houdini/scripts/hqueue/hqlib.py", line 1575, in runSimulationWithoutSlices
  File "/hou-shared-path/shared/houdini_distros/hfs.linux-x86_64/houdini/python2.7libs/hou.py", line 34294, in set
    return _hou.Parm_set(*args)
hou.PermissionError: Failed to modify node or parameter because of a permission error.  Possible causes include locked assets, takes, product permissions or user specified permissions

It seems that unless I don't unlock the asset, the submit job can't be clicked. 

Here's how i linked the interface button to the submit button


Thanks for your input.

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I had this problem before. Unfortunately it's a PITA to debug because the error massage actually doesn't help you at all. It has something to do with a parameter that should be exposed being inside the hda. Basically you're trying to edit something inside an HDA, but you can't if it's locked, when you unlock it, you can edit it, so it works

What I did was going node by node and disabling the network backwards until I found the node that had to be promoted. Maybe it's worth sending a e-mail to SESI, they might have a smarter way to figuring this out



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My easy fix for this exact issue, which I've been dealing with for a long time now as well:

Take the asset that sends your job to Hqueue, open Type Properties. Under "Save" there is a Checkbox with "Unlock New Nodes on Creation". Check that.

It sort of defeats the purpose of an HDA (that it is only saved under assets and accessed by your project file, because it saves the nodes inside of the HDA into the project file. However, it still acts as a tool you can just plop down and use pre-configured. But judging by my take on the asset, it's only a couple of nodes inside. So that shouldn't be a big deal to save into your scene each time.

Hope that helps!

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