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move pivot to specific point

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So I want to move my pivot to a specific point, lets say ptnum=0. But this in transform sop does not work I get error.

point("../add1/", "P.x",0);[/CODE]

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If I have a polygon sphere, and I want to put the pivot of my transform sop to point number 30 on my sphere, I would write like so 

point("../sphere1", 30, "P", 0)       point("../sphere1", 30, "P", 1)        point("../sphere1", 30, "P", 2)

You're trying to do "P.x". The function is looking for an attribute, so you just need put "P" for position. Since position is a vector, it has 3 components which are what the last number in the function refer to. 0 for x, 1 for y, and 2 for z. 

Hope this helps!

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