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Hi, I'm a student learning houdini.

I'm working with particles and I want to delete just few of the points that I choose.

I tried to use particle ID but because of the life expectancy variance, the id keeps changing and I couldn't delete the point. So, for the same reason delete SOP doesn't work too. (It only gets deleted in the specific frame which I selected the point) 

Are there any resolutions of deleting particles that I want to delete?  I've also seen an example hip file in odforce that uses 'for loop node' in VOP but I couldn't try that way because it doesn't work in houdini 16.

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if you get the particles from a popnet (and on the source "create id" is on, which is default) the IDs do not change when particles die or get created. But the pointnumber (@ptnum) does! so deleting by ID should work just fine.

so if you want to delete specific points, note down their ID from the geo spreadsheet and then you can use a blast SOP, put it to points and in group parameter put @id=x @id=y @id=z and so on (replace x y z with the id)

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