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Custom Normal Rotation

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I have a popnet creating some particles with the POP spin, to have a random rotation in each particle, also Im copying a tube in each particle, the tube rotates as it supposed to, but when they hit the ground, the tubes stays with a random rotation as well instead of pointing Y.

I'm thinking that if I use the normals instead of the POP spin I could blend between the N0 and N1 when the particle hit the ground, using the hit info from the POPnet, but truthfully I don't know how to achieve this .-.

I'm using POPs and copy the tubes/coins to the particles because the particles born magicaly from the floor after a character hit the floor with his cane.

If anyone could help me or have any idea I would appreciate it!!!


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Hi PalTopin, if you wanna stick with the popSpin, it's possible use Velocity as second orientation attribute to blend with the "orient" created by the popSpin, copySop is able to recognize v too and using it for maintaining the orientation along the velocity vector if the orient it's setted to zero near the collision moment. I've attached two hip file with blending orientation examples between "@v" and "@orient" using popSpin for make rotations and @hit attributes for trigger the blend.., one contains a small variation just in cause the particle source it's pretty close to the ground, for avoid that the blending condition could affect the initial rotations.

hope it helps! :)






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