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Smoke Simulation Relationships and Collision PLS Help

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Please, I just need a couple of pointers
I've been trying to set-up a pyro simulation, have some smoke rise up and collide with an rbdobject.

I've uploaded my hip file and written all my questions and problem explanations in there.

Plus I think that it's much easier to understand if you have my hip file instead of me trying to explain it here in text form. Please take a look at it.

The gist of it is :

The smoke has a temperature field. And I've wanted to lower the temperature field of the smoke that comes in contact with the geometry so I've come up with the idea to give the geometry it's own temperature field and tick the temperature merge option on the pyro solver. In order to create the geometries temperature field I plan to make a volume mask to mask out the smoke's temperature field so that i'm only working with the voxels that make up the geometry and then lower their values, the result will then be the geometries temperature field.

I've listed all the problems and explanations inside the hip file please take a look

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated

Thank you



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I'm trying to make a temperature field for my geometry
I want this field to have the same values as the smokes temperature but only subtracted by an amount.

Starting from the smokes temperature field I'm trying to isolate only the voxels inside the geometry and then subtract their values.

I've listed all my questions inside the dops node

Looking at what you've done raises another question for me

I see that you import volumes using the source volume node and then wire them into the last input on the solver even including masks.

Is the thought process when importing fields from sops 
Use "Source Volume" set it to maximum and make sure that on the sops to dops bindings tab it binds to a field of and object you want to apply it to

Or is the thought process of importing volumes from sops
Use the "sopscalarfield" node and then use the apply data to apply it to your object

also why is it that none of gas nodes get executed



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Is the thing that is stopping my gas nodes from executing the fact that I use multiple objects and somehow mess up the syntax when referencing fields from other objects.

Well to me it makes sense to in the gas match field node reference one field from the rbdobject as 

and then reference the other field for the reference like


is this where the problem is, that one field in on one object and the other on another object

I see that you always make all your fields part of one object, is it impossible to put fields on different objects and then make gas nodes perform operations on field that exist on different objects

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I'm new in this whole Houdini thing
I at least wanna know if i'm referencing field from different objects the right way 
Like in the gas nodes

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