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houdini 16 boolean problems

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Hello guys, I am creating a network not too dissimilar to the one that is demonstrated in this vimeo video:  ( about 30 minutes in). However, I am using more complex geometry and am looking for a different result. But, I seem to not be able to achieve a clean result. One problem is that even though the boolean is set to union, it sometimes deletes almost all the incoming geo during the boolean process for some reason. Other times it works fine. Another issue is that I get warnings from the boolean that there are issues with non-manifold edges. Indeed I do have the problem that often the union operation does not delete the "inside" geo, and so since this is all in a loop, with scattering points etc. I start to grow geo also inside... Are there any ways to improve the result of the boolean or prep the two geos going into it that is also compilable (this is all inside a compile block)? 






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Enable "Remove Backfaces", make sure your geometry is not reversed, otherwise use Reverse node. Save this setting as default, if you don't want to have same invisible problem with booleans, extrusion, fusing, subdividing, remeshing, exporting, etc.

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