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Disappearance of object, striped node

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Hello everyone,

I encounter a problem, I load an object in my scene. I noticed that my shift in the viewer did focus my object, so I searched on the sidefx helpers (I link the url) "http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/view [www.sidefx.com] “
The solution I could find was the ”space + G".
He walked once.
Arrived at a certain level of my work, I had to use the procedure previously done.

I come to my big problem.

My object disappeared, leaving room for red stripes on my node geometry. I can not find where the error came from … it is not for want of having tried yet. Do you have solutions? I link you my project and the picture of the problem.

Thank you in advance


Pyro Smoke_v03.hip

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Beast and deep moron that I am, I put the anim of my geometry in cache, recording the different frames on my desk ... I then moved the files so that it was better tidy, the problem was there, He could not find the files !!

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