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"Tent": Connect 1 pt to a bunch of others pts

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I want to create something like a tent: I've got one "peak" point and a bunch of "ground points" and I want to connect them into a "tent" with triangular sides, all meeting at the peak point. What's the cleanest, most elegant way to do this? I can loop through the ground points to construct each triangular section one by one, but I was thinking there's a native SOP that can do this for me.


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Thanks for all the replies. The points on the ground are already sorted by angle w/r to the "peak". I ended up with this:

  • Add SOP on the ground pts to construct a ground poly
  • scale a copy of this poly down to zero at the "peak" point i.e. collapse all points of the copied poly to one point location
  • Skin SOP the two polys: the multi-point "peak" and ground poly to construct a tent
  • Fuse SOP on the "peak" point to get just one point there

I wish there was a SOP does this "cleanly", in one go.

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