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fluid emitter from particles

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Hi there.

I have a little issue that is killing the look of my fluid simulation.

I am making a dirt tornado. So I started off with simming a bunch of partcles in the shape I wanted with the intention of having them emit volumes for the pyro simulation. This all works. Giving me some great interesting shapes. All good.

The issue is that the volume the particels make is sort of stamping itself into the pyro sim. instead of seeing just the nice pyro sim. I can see the particle emitting volume traviling within it as well.

Put another way. The particle emits a volume denisty of 1. Forcing the pyro to have a volume denisty of 1. It obviously needs that because it needs to emit from that. But it is ugly.

Is there a way where I can emit the denisty of 1 into the sim. But not have it visually show up within the sim. Maybe have it fade in for a few frames. Intead of having that value of 1 very obviously travel anround the tornado.



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There are a few ways to go about doing this.  The way I typically do it is to have 2 different sources.  The first source is the one I use to emit the density, I typically use less points and have a shorter lifespan on them.  The second source I use just for velocity.  For the velocity I use quite a few points and make sure that they are creating the shape I am looking for.  By having seperate sources for emission and velocity you will get the pulling look that you find in tornados.

When you bring them into the dopnet, you will need 2 source volumes.  For your source smoke, set the Volume Operation "velocity" to none.   With your source velocity set the volume operation "velocity" to Blended Average. 


I hope this helps, let me know if you still have questions.

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