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Concave Geometry-Boolean Fracturing

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Hello ,


I have a fractured a box using the boolean method in Houdini 16.... It simulates perfectly when using convex hull for the collision. However, when I switch to concave , Houdini crashes every time.

It only crashes when I have a mountain sop added to the grids that are cutting up the geo. If I turn off the mountain sop, it simulates perfectly with concave.

I kind of fixed this by remeshing each piece in a for loop, however it is really slow and all my pieces look way different.


I wanted to know, if there was an updated method for properly simulating with concave, specifically with Boolean fracturing . I am destroying a building, and corner pieces that involve all sides of the walls wont work well with convex hull so concave is needed for accurate collisions.

Any suggestions, or tips would be greatly appreciated. I will attach my test file for anyone that wants to take a look.


Thank you.



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