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VDB to "tidy" geo

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Been watching the Hive Siggraph vids specifically the procedural game level building


At 40 mins 28 sec in there is a corridor that looks interesting and i can replicate a lot of it (because of the way it is described) but i cant understand how the vdb is so clean.  On the left it is just possible to see a convert vdb node connected to what looks like a wrangle of some kind?

Does anyone have some insight into what would be happening in this wrangle to get such clean geo?  I have no idea...

Thanks for any input


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If you make sure:

-you line up the boundaries of the VDB with the world units (so you have exactly 10*10*10 voxels in 10m*10m*10m volume for instance)
-Set the voxel size itself to reasonably large size,
-After converting to polygon, use a fuse node in snap mode, and use snap to grid on it, using the same size (or a multiple of) as the voxels themselves.
-consolidate the points and possibly clean/remove overlapping polygons.
-optionally do a boolean operation to resolve self-intersections.

I think that ought to work.

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