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Hi all,

I've started putting an asset together which allows me to create multiple 'threads' from a single line, then effect them as if they are fraying/weaving.

I'm quite happy with it, however my approach doesn't lend itself well to anything other than straight lines, and I'd like to apply it to more/multiple complex curves - so that it follows their contours exactly.

At the moment it does 'work', however it distorts the original curve quite a lot, which I'd like to avoid.

Could anyone suggest a way for me to adapt my current VOP setup to calculate the trigonometry per curve? Or an alternative to using the 'wireU' attrib?

Or alternatively, if there is a different approach I should be taking all-together? any pointers in right direction would be much appreciated :)

.hip attached - Thanks in advance!

(N.B. This setup is loosely based on a thread I originally found here on odforce some time ago - but I cannot for the life of me find it now, so a hat tip goes to OP if reading.)




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Hi, if you want to have wires "circle" around the central wire (like a helix), then you may like these topics:

Probably the best for you:

With volumes, but you may use the "cross product" part of it:

EDIT: the vimeo, at time 51:10 Simon is talking about the cross product

For inspiration also here, but eetu uses different principle, I personaly dont even know how eetu does it:


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Thanks a lot Jiri,

Will take a look at these threads & see if I can get where I need - The helix along a curve seems ideal.

(I need to start learning VEX poperly so I can *finally* start to move away from VOPs, they have such heavy overheards in comparison.)

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