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Connecting an image from /img as a texture in /mat via a null node

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From SideFX' tutorials on UV Basics III, I understand that you can connect to an image brought in and edited in the /img context (via the null node, named OUT for example), and then reference it in other contexts, specifically the /mat context, via the syntax of op:/img/img1/OUT

On the SideFX forums I got the suggestion of instead using op:/img/tex/OUT

This is what I get. Actually, I get that whether I use “op:/img/tex/OUT” or the standard “op:/img/img1/OUT”

Oddly, my material turns this light pink as opposed to the standard grey, either way, when I try to call in the texture from null node.

I want to be able to edit my texture images with all kinds of colour corrections and procedural tools over in /img and then bring them in live into my shaders in /mat.

What am I missing, or messing up?


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Refreshing COPs operators has been buggy in recent versions of Houdini. Promote Texture Name parameter outside material network while it's in default value (Mandril.pic), then - being outside shader natwork - change Mandril.pic into Cops' path. It should start magically work.  


ps pink color is Mantra's secret way to inform you that the texture is missing. You can customize this via HOUDINI_DEFAULT_TEXTURE_COLOR env. variable. 

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