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Gradient ramp along Y-axis in shader

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Hello guys,

I am trying to build a shader, that in addition to what I have in the image, layers a black and white gradient in along the Y-axis. I am certain it must be very straight forward for anybody with more than a week of Houdini experience. Could anybody please point me in the right direction or outline the steps?

Thanks in advance!

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Quick answer while waiting for render at work. 
Grab the global var P, transform it from current-space to world-space and grab the Y component.
My example here is hard set to a certain range in world-space, the const1-node. That would mean your trees in your scene would all have the same ramp, no matter the individual height of the tree.

You could probably plug the fit1 directly in to the multiply2, I just have a ramp-parameter cause it was easier to read what's going on with the colors.

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