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Ash and Disintegrate in Houdini

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Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing well.

I am very new to houdini, currently trying to learn procedural modeliing.

I want to try this effect for a personal project.


I don't want spoon feeding, just a push in the right direction to get started.

How do I achieve this? where and what to start with? particles emitting smoke?

I tried searching for tutorials, but I donno what to search for, so I came here for help.

I would be grateful for any help from the community.



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I haven't watched it, but check out Peter Quint's peeling tutorial. It looks like a similar effect for the ashy part. You could probably get similar motion if you emit smoke from your object (sphere or what have you), shape the look with some initial velocity/forces, and advect the points through the volume. Search "advect points through volume" to get some info on that. Also, look into voronoi fracturing to get a pattern for the pieces to break into, VOPs and various types of noise to break up straight edges and for shading (need to know vops for everything!), and maybe the wire solver (or maybe springs) to give the pieces some organic feel.

If you're getting started, check out Matt Estela's page http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini  It's an amazing wiki with a lot of the best info and links for learning houdini. 

Good Luck!

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Thanks jamesr for taking the time to explain in detail, I appreciate that.

I searched for advect points through volume, I see what it does.

I will got through the Peter Quint and Matt Estela's tutorials.

Will be back after trying & if I am stuck somewhere.:rolleyes:


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