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Automatically Change parameters on lights while being inside of a Subnet

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if it is there any way to change certain object's parameters depending on whether I'm inside of a subnet or not.

Basically my problem is that I have a rendering subnet hda, which allows me to only render stuff that is inside, or referenced inside my subnet.
But the issue is that if I have multiple subnets in my network with multiple lights in them, every light is visible in the viewport, making it hard to work with lights, since everything is visible and added together making the entire screen look blown out.

I know I can disable the "Enable in Viewport" checkbox on my lights manually, but it would be awesome if it would be possible to only enable that checkbox on my lights when I'm actually inside my subnet and disable them when I go out from it automatically.

In case anyone has any ideas on how to achieve this, I would appreciate if someone could nudge me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Oh boy, sorry for the multiple topics, for some reason it created more than one.
If any moderators are out there would you mind deleting all of the topics, except one?

Thank you and sorry again!

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