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Digital asset: control thickness scale of polyextrude with color attribute

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I'm still new to houdini and thanks to some good tutorials and some kind people I'm starting having fun with it :)

I've created a digital asset with a primitive object being extruded with color attribute, everything is working fine.

Now I want to be able to control the thickness scale with the color attribute the same way it's working with the distance parameter (with local attributes).
> When not contaminated by color the value should remain 1 
>when contaminated the value should decrease but I would need to still be able to control the amount of thickness scale (between 0 and 1).

I'm not sure what would be the process for this, I tried to set an attribute create named thickness and putting $CR in the value but it seems it's not the way it should be done.



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It's a bit of a hack, but this might work: Houdini 16.0.731 Indie - extrude_falloff_2.zip

I created two poly extrude states set to 0 and 1 thickness scale. Then use a wrangle to lerp the point positions based on the color.x amount.

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Hey thanks Jeff! that's a clever solution, the problem is that the extrusion is a little funky now, it doesn't extrude along normals since it's trying to interpolate points based on the color amount.

hopefully there's an easier way to do it with Vex...

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