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How to get unique $WEDGE names prefix of multiple WEDGES wired

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Hello guys!

I'm trying to get different $WEDGE variable to filename, the problem is...

my setup has 2 WEDGES wired, 1 linear values, other random, and each Wedge node have a unique wedge prefix..

when i call $WEDGE in file writer, or even on "Font" node, i see only first prefix on variable...
what causes all subsequent random interactions overriding files on disk.

same problem using $WEDGENUM on wired WEDGES

the setup on OUT context is:

WEDGE_Linear (prefix wedge_lin)
WEDGE_Random (prefix wedge_rand)

on $WEDGE call i see only: 
_wedge_lin_parm_0 (this overwrite filenames)
_wedge_lin_parm_1 (this overwrite filenames)
_wedge_lin_parm_2 (this overwrite filenames)

but i need unique concatenated names:

Any ideas how to get a unique name for writing with WEDGES wired together?

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Hello, I was asking myself the same question few days ago.

You can use $WEDGENUM, so it should work with a simple wedge setup, But I don't know if you link 2 wedge node together.

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Hello rod.vfx.td,


   A dirty hack is to not use wedge variables but directly referencing the parameter you are wedging in the name of the file. Of course this only works if you are wedging one parameter per wedge node.

Hope this can help you!    

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Already tried, but not work because a Non-random (linear) wedge is concatenated. if i have more than 1 wedged parameter on linear wedge, one is interated on other, impossibiliting the hack to be practical.



i think the $WEDGENUM need be "revisited" by sideFX, because this limitation is really bad. 

the solution is have a $WEDGENUM return a PRODUCT number of all wired wedges interactions. (this is what i believe from beginning)

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