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Dear fellow magicians,
I am trying to setup render machine for mantra distributed rendering (using mantra -H command) and I am struggling to make environment variables working.
Lets say I have two machines - one being master and one being slave.
  Master have env var $ROOT=/home/trandzik/proj/dreams
  Slave have env variable $ROOT=/mnt/TRANDZIK01/dreams
Distributed rendering work with no problem when geometry is included in IFD file and no file paths are used in scene. Once I want to include path to some file (lets say texture located in $ROOT/img.jpg), slave won't find this file because master save IFD with hardened path (using its own $ROOT var). Slave is therefore trying to find image at location /home/trandzik/proj/dreams/img.jpg instead of /mnt/TRANDZIK01/dreams/img.jpg and of course fails rendering it.
Please, does anyone know how to generate IFD with non-hardened environment variables? 
Using distributed rendering is great option for fast lookdev and I believe it would be great to setup its pipeline correctly with environment variables.
Thank you very much
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