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Hair / Fur custom geometry or shapes

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Hi All,

I am not sure I am posting this in the correct Forum segment..if note please let me know.

For the life of me I cannot find a way to replace/control the hair shapes from ribbon to cubes or hexagons and etc.....

Trying to achieve in the images below using Hair and Fur as it is much faster than using the Copy stamp Sop.

I have tried Polywire (super slow) and I was using the Hair shelve tools. So created a Geometry Node with object merge using the output of the Hairs ====> Polywire.


Any suggestions would be great




The below is the result achieved so far....super fast performance




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Hello again,

Here is another method following Rohan Dalvi technique:

recreating mograph in Houdini - 5 - shader effector and displace deformer

However, it can get super slow on this scale as shown in the screen captures. Also causes my GTX Nvidia 970 to crash

And therefore, I prefer the Hair and Fur approach if it is possible at all.






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Unfortunately I don't know about the hair method. But have you tried Instance? Renderers should gain speed from using the instance too, Redshift does. Mantra too. I don't know what kind of Instance system Arnold uses.

Mantra can also benefit from packed geometry, try the new Copy to Points, with "Pack and Instance" checked ON.


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On 10/3/2017 at 6:37 AM, martinkindl83 said:

Instancing geo you want (hexagon, cube) onto points, plus scaling given axis (Y).


Is there an example of such setup. I tired but cant get to scale on Y for instance based on point color.

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