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Roccat Tyon mouse recommendation

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I bought this mouse and I am super happy with it: Roccat Tyon

I have mapped the following keys/functions. It has a special "shift" button, so the functions/buttons can be doubled. For example scroll wheel with that shift can be set to scrubbing the timeline. Or jumping up/down the nodes in the network.

  • The four have the same layout as on the keyboard, so it is intuitive
    • Ins / set display flag
    • Del / set bypass flag
    • PgUp - node Up (also ctrl-pgup is dive out from subnet etc.)
    • PgDn - node Dn
  • L - layout
  • H - home
  • Scroll wheel - scrubbing in the timeline
  • Left, Right, Up, Down
  • Maximize pane
  • Set camera pivot to geometry in the viewport

Still I can map more and more functions on it, and I will. Maximum is 30 functions.


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