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slicing a granular solid grains system - how to split the embedded mesh and add inner colour

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hey chaps

so pretty simple one... made a ball, applied granular solid from the shelf.

now i have a simple knife tool that drops on it cleaving it in two.

really quick... takes mins to setup in houdini - love it.

So heres my questions...

i have the embedded mesh but when it slices its still one shape - how can i slice it into two?
(the other thing i have is the grains which i converted into vdb then back to polys)

for both/either of these results how can i transfer an inner colour into the geo?  in my naivety i object merged the knife into my vdb then applied attribute transfer to transfer colour - but the colour wont stick as the two halves drop away from the knife.

anyone got any cool ideas?


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hmmm thinking about it with regards to the vdb method its not going to work as the poly mesh is differing per frame so its just gonna spaz out everywhere i guess :/

so i guess i'm back to my embedded mesh but no idea how to split that in two - in my network i can see the shelf has essentially setup a pointdeform on the end but doesn't deal with the fact the mesh has cut in two.

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