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Post-Voronoi Boolean Problem

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I've stumbled across a rather annoying little issue. As you can see in the attached scene, If I perform a subtractive boolean operation after a voronoi fracture, things get super messed up. The two major issues being that a bunch of pieces are randomly missing faces and the new faces generated by the boolean are not connected to their respective pieces. I managed to get things working (albeit marginally slower) by utilizing a for each loop.

Does anyone know what might be the cause of this issue? Has anyone run into it themselves? 


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Booleans can misbehave when applied a second time on a geometry. Cure for this is to select "No Polygons" dropdown option on the first boolean.

I dont know the reason why it is giving the undesired result after a voronoi. Applying the boolean before the voronoi is a workaround.
Not answering your initial question but hope its helpful...



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alternatively, you can keep it at either of the other options, if you add a clean node in between and a divide node set to a maximum of 4 sides/vertices per polygon.

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